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Whether you’re suffering with skin issues, digestive disorders, stress or fatigue, I’m here to coach you with the tools and resources needed for a happier, healthier you! 

Nutrition is essential in achieving optimal health. I do not believe in “quick fixes” but rather a commitment to a corrected lifestyle consisting of appropriate foods for your body and a suitable level of exercise to meet your sustainable life goals.

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Eat Food. Workout. Lose Weight.

It’s This Simple.

Get fit in just 4 weeks with Tanya`s most effective online program, which includes meal plans, food swap list, food journal, weekly grocery list, weekly workouts (including video demonstrations), and accountability, motivation & support!


Meet Tanya

Tanya is a Toronto based Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for helping people find balance in their lives through nutrition.


"I love food and recipes that defy the notation that nutritious food is bland and dull. I always include plenty of simple recipes and I’ll provide a meal plan for you to reach your goals.


I’m here to empower you to understand the WHY behind nutrition, for you to fully grasp what will give you long term results.  


I, too, have been overweight.  I had constant stomach discomfort and tried so many different diets. Despite countless visits to various doctors, it was a nutritionist who ultimately shed light on my food intolerances. Having endured years of digestive problems, I was relieved to learn that a properly customized dietary plan, along with exercise, would restore a better balance in my life and alleviate the symptoms that had been plaguing me.


Through specific whole foods and exercise I felt great, healthy and eager to learn more. I was elated to discover the impact that simply changing what I ate would have on my life and now strive to share my knowledge with others, so that they too can realize their respective benefits."

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