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Eat Food. Workout. Lose Weight.

It’s This Simple.

Get fit in just 4 weeks with Tanya`s most effective online program!

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Eat Food. Workout. Lose Weight.

It’s This Simple.

By this time next week your metabolism can be in a better place. Fat can start to melt away from your body. You will feel stronger, healthier and happier.

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This program will help you to:

  • ramp up metabolism

  • support the cardiovascular system

  • heal digestive system complaints

  • get stronger & leaner

  • reduce inflammation

  • and just FEEL & LOOK BETTER!

What's included?

  • Detailed Meal Plans

  • Food Swap List

  • Food Journal

  • Complete 4 Week Workout Schedule; 3 at-home circuits, 1 flat abs circuit, and 1 do anywhere fat-burning circuit!

  • Video Library for Each Workout

  • Accountability, Motivation, and Support


How does it work?

Once you purchase the 4 week program, you will receive an automatic download PDF including the full Nutrition and Training program.


In your confirmation email, you will receive a log-in to give you access to the online portal from your smartphone, laptop, or iPad.  The Login is found on the top right of

In the members portal you will find your weekly workout schedule complete with video demonstrations, as well as the option to re-download specific aspects of the Training or Nutrition Manuals.

Your 4 weeks can begin on any day you choose to start.

For even more results, the 4 week program can be duplicated to continue into your second month, utilizing the progression tips for each workout to increase demand as you get stronger!

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Tanya's easy to follow program has helped me understand the importance of fueling my body for change, not starving it.  I've seen noticeable physical changes consistently week to week and I have way more energy to keep up with my kids!  But most importantly, I have a healthier relationship with food, which keeps me motivated to stay on plan and adopt Tanya's nutrition principles as a lifestyle!  

Andrea, '4 Weeks to Fit' Client



I honestly can’t believe how amazing this program was. It was so easy to follow. I was floored with the results after just 4 weeks.


Not only did my body totally transform but I felt incredible, my mind was clear and finally had the energy I needed to run around after my two kiddies. 

Ali, '4 Weeks to Fit' Client



4 weeks in... I stepped on the scale and I'm 17lbs lighter! I'm going to keep on going with this program. The flexibility of the food plan and the quick workouts made it so easy to fit into my schedule. 


I can’t believe how much energy I have to keep up with work and my grandkids!

Diane, '4 Weeks to Fit' Client


Every program I have created, I believe in and follow myself.   Although my training and nutrition philosophies are a lifestyle (not a fad diet) sometimes after the holidays, when I find I have been overly indulgent, or before a vacation when I just want to reduce inflammation and tighten up, I will jump into my '4 Weeks to Fit' Program to get back on track and be accountable!  


For me, it`s a lifestyle, but it makes a big difference when I follow the plan!  

Tanya, '4 Weeks to Fit' Creator

  • Detailed Meal Plans

  • Food Swap List

  • Food Journal

  • Weekly Grocery Lists

  • Accountability and Support

  • Workout Schedule with Videos;                  

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3 at-home circuits

1 flat abs circuit

1 fat-blasting circuit

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Eating better and working out has never been easier.

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